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More than 70 dinosaurs, find out a lot of useful information about each species in text and audio formats, take pictures with ancient dinosaurs anywhere - indoors or outdoors.


Benefits for children

Children are very curious and study life diligently. Like a sponge, they absorb terabytes of information, and it is also very important for them to become more confident in their abilities and feel on a par with adults, competing with them in erudition. So, young dinosaur lovers can easily name more than a dozen of the coolest dinosaurs of the Mesozoic era.

The mobile application will deepen a child's knowledge of the world of dinosaurs and expand his horizons in a fun way.

Collect dinosaur puzzles, take tests on your knowledge of the world of ancient dinosaurs, take pictures with these giants in full height in your room and learn unique facts about dinosaurs!

Play and Learn

Children adore terrifying-looking creatures, so they gain an understanding of the feeling of fear and security, learn to process emotions and build their own I. Thanks to the mobile application, your child will have a unique opportunity to study in detail the external and internal structure of more than 70 of the most famous dinosaurs! And also view a 3D model of the prehistoric Earth, solve hundreds of 2D / 3D puzzles, puzzles and paleontology tests.

All training is based on the principle of collecting awards and achievements - let your young paleontologist shine with erudition among peers and even adults!

Figure learn


Play a puzzle game and collect puzzles in 2D and 3D modes, with beautiful pictures that colorfully describe the harsh realities of the life of lizards in the Mesozoic era.


Answer questions from 2 thematic sections: etymology and paleontology - and earn points that will show your coolness among all users of the mobile application.

Figure dino muscle

Muscles in 4K

Find out what was in common in the muscular system of a dinosaur and a man, get an answer to the question: "Whose legs are stronger - a diplodocus or an isanosaur?"

Viewing bones

Pick any bone and rotate it 360 degrees, zoom in as close as you can. This mode is ideal for both hobbyists and professional artists and designers.

dino bones
figure dino skin


Download the mobile application - enjoy the beautiful skin of your favorite dinosaur in 4K resolution and find out the most interesting facts about their appearance.

Internal organs

The dinosaur definitely had a stomach, you say. After all, somewhere they "stored" their food for digestion. What about the heart or the kidneys? If you are painfully asking this question, then it is time to find out right now!

dino organs

Starter pack

starter pack
Are you interested in the theme of the world of dinosaurs, and would you like to familiarize yourself with it with minimal investment? Then download the app and get the Starter pack, which includes: 4K models of three different reconstructions of a predatory spinosaurus with 4 view modes: skin, muscles, organs and skeleton. You will also have access to tests on etymology and paleontology, colorful puzzles and a 3D model of the prehistoric Earth. A nice addition will be the actor's voice acting, augmented reality photo mode and 10 interesting facts about this unique dinosaur.
figure Cenozoic era

Sets with animals of the Cenozoic era

Download the mobile app and purchase sets with animals from the Cenozoic era. Take pictures of yourself next to them, study each creature in 4K resolution, solve puzzles and test your knowledge in test games!

Mesozoic Dinosaur Sets

More dinosaurs, more fun facts, more fun 2D and 3D puzzles - all in breathtaking 4K resolution with professional voice acting.

Mesozoic era
starter pack

Mega set with all dinosaurs and animals

213 3D models

4K resolution




Etymology 372 questions


Paleontology 310 questions

620 interesting facts


138 colorful puzzles


AR / Augmented reality


Voice acting

Do you want to plunge headlong into the alluring ancient world that existed millions of years ago, saving time and money? Not a word more - download the mobile application and purchase the Mega Pack with all dinosaurs and animals of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras! This is a unique offer that has no analogues in any dinosaur app.
This set includes magnificent 3D models of 71 legendary dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, 620 interesting facts about them, 682 tests on etymology and paleontology, 138 2D and 3D puzzles. In the Mega Pack you will find: a 3D model of the prehistoric Earth, augmented reality photo mode and professional voice acting of information about dinosaurs, as well as interesting facts about these amazing lizards in 4 viewing modes: skin, skeleton, organs and muscles.
Mega Pack is a must if you want to earn all the achievements from passing tests on the knowledge of all names, eras and families of dinosaurs, as well as learn all the most interesting about the epoch-making rulers of the Earth who have never met a man. Don't waste your time, get the best deal right now and dive into the stunning ancient world of dinosaurs!

Unique opportunity look at the ancient Earth in 3D

Choose any period, turn the globe in any direction and watch an amazing picture of how giant continents move and disintegrate into continents.

figure Earth
Augmented reality

AR / Augmented reality

As a child, many of us loved charismatic dinosaurs. With age, we forget about this love, because we have other hobbies, and the lizards are not dogs or cats - they don't run around. After all, dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, and today people are familiar with them only from films, games or books. But what will you say if you find out that we have brought them back to life?

Download the mobile app, launch augmented reality (AR) mode, choose your favorite dinosaur and take pictures with it in its entire gigantic growth in any room or outdoors! This is where technology has come.

Also in the application you will have access to the possibility of a detailed study of the rich "inner world" of a dinosaur - a full-fledged skeleton and organs of life.


Starter pack
  • Dinosaurs: 3

  • Total number of models: 9

  • Interesting facts: 16

  • Etymology tests: 6

  • Paleontology tests: 5

  • 2D puzzles: 1

  • 3D puzzles: 3

  • Voice acting: included

  • 3D Models of Prehistoric Earth: included

  • Augmented reality: included

Profitable proposition
Mega pack
  • Dinosaurs: 71

  • Total number of models: 213

  • Interesting facts: 1073

  • Etymology tests: 372

  • Paleontology tests: 310

  • 2D puzzles: 70

  • 3D puzzles: 71

  • Voice acting: included

  • 3D Models of Prehistoric Earth: included

  • Augmented reality: included

Triassic period
  • Dinosaurs: 10

  • Total number of models: 30

  • Interesting facts: 146

  • Etymology tests: 48

  • Paleontology tests: 40

  • 2D puzzles: 10

  • 3D puzzles: 10

  • Voice acting: included

  • 3D Models of Prehistoric Earth: included

  • Augmented reality: included

Jurassic period
  • Dinosaurs: 17

  • Total number of models: 51

  • Interesting facts: 244

  • Etymology tests: 96

  • Paleontology tests: 80

  • 2D puzzles: 17

  • 3D puzzles: 17

  • Voice acting: included

  • 3D Models of Prehistoric Earth: included

  • Augmented reality: included

Cretaceous period
  • Dinosaurs: 31

  • Total number of models: 93

  • Interesting facts: 460

  • Etymology tests: 168

  • Paleontology tests: 140

  • 2D puzzles: 31

  • 3D puzzles: 33

  • Voice acting: included

  • 3D Models of Prehistoric Earth: included

  • Augmented reality: included

  • Dinosaurs: 11

  • Total number of models: 33

  • Interesting facts: 207

  • Etymology tests: 60

  • Paleontology tests: 50

  • 2D puzzles: 11

  • 3D puzzles: 11

  • Voice acting: included

  • 3D Models of Prehistoric Earth: included

  • Augmented reality: included


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