3d modeling
We create three-dimensional objects created by nature and man, such as various industrial machines, equipment and entire production facilities. Macro and micro levels.
3D modeling
3D simulators
Developing 3D simulators by recreating a computer model of real technical equipment.
3D simulators
augmented reality
We develop applications for work using augmented reality
Augmented reality
game development
We develop computer games and game simulators for stationary and mobile devices.
Game development
sound engineering
We create soundtrack for our software products, work with sound (processing, mixing).
Sound engineering
virtual reality
We develop 3D virtual reality simulators
Virtual reality
Accident Reconstruction
We help in reconstruction of an emergency in order to analyze cause-and-effect relationships and further training of employees.
Accident reconstruction
Web development
We have strong competencies in the creation of systems of varying degrees of complexity. Full cycle of design and development.
Web development
mobile development
We independently develop applications for mobile devices, including games and educational and entertainment applications.
Mobile development
Web Design
We design user interfaces, work out the logical structure of the site, think over and test the user experience
Web Design
Big 3D Atlas of dinosaurs
Explore each dinosaur in 4K resolution - skin, muscles, organs and skeleton. Take a photo of yourself next to any of the 71 most famous dinosaurs!
We animate 2D and 3D models, including characters and animals (locomotion)
Narrative Design
Development of common stories, plots, dynamics, technologies, design requirements and principles of user interaction with game mechanics.
Narrative Design
software development
We develop our own software for small and medium projects.
Software development
video production
We produce video content, including preliminary plot, script writing, casting, filming, sound recording and editing.
Video production
visual effects
We create visual effects by combining real elements of computer graphics, or completely create objects and environments in digital form.
Visual effects
2D Graphics
We work with 2D graphics and create any graphic elements including illustrative materials, graphs, diagrams, drawings, commercials, cartoons and pixel graphics.
2D Graphics
character development
How to create 2D and 3D characters
Character development
interface design based on user experience and behavior research.